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Recently I've been asked to setup some VMWare VSphere servers (free edition) implementing some kind of backup of the virtual machines on a secondary server.
The choice for secondary server was Openfiler - compared to FreeNAS (I tested both) looked definitively more robust and stable.

I configured all VMWare hosts had a secondary storage (NFS) mounted from Openfiler, to easily perform backups on the Openfiler storage.

After some considerations about smart watches I finally decided to buy a Pebble this summer (some weeks before the price drop to 99$). It worked just fine and I finally got notifications for phone calls I cared about, emails, messages (thanks to Pebble and YaNC).

Everything worked until I start getting some weird behavior on my Pebble screen: random pixels, some white/black line. Changing the watch-face usually solved the issue, but it started getting worst to the extent the screen was no more readable. Getting a notification and being unable to read it was totally making my Pebble not usable. Even just reading time and date started to be odd.

Joomla 2.5After Joomla 2.5 being released (on January the 24th, 2012 - see article) I looked forward to update this site to the new release. It was stuck at 1.7, and I just liked to test and have a look at the new version. I though in a few days I had the site online using the new code, but I was terribly wrong. I jumped right into the plugin and extensions updates, not mentioning I modified the source code in some point to correct some small bug.

Windows 7 64bitI recently  updated my hardware at the office, and i switched from Win7 32bit to Win7 64bit. Almost everything worked fine in the new environment, other than a small/big problem with the curl library in my PHP/Apache installation.

The configuration was fine - I was pretty sure I followed all the necessary steps to make it works: enable it in php.ini by removing the leading semicolon in "; php_curl.dll", copying libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll in windows/system32 directory (or somewhere else inside the PATH).

Days ago have been published some articles related to a page on a site who published the results of a statistical research over internet users. The IQ of IE users are far less than FF and Chrome ones.

Probably everyone has a free email address - someone more than one. And many of us has some very old one, that has become the "official one", the one used to register in our main interests service sites (electricity, phone, ISP provider, social networks,...) and the one all our friends use to communicate with us.

Joomla 1.7 (stable) is out. The new relese policy of the CMS will release a new version every six months, with a LTS release avery three. That means it will be hard to stay up to date if the new release will not support previous releases plugins and templates - at least starting from 1.6, or 1.7.

Intellinet 550710Recently I had to work with some IP cameras and surveillance systems, and I played around with software and hardware making some tests here at the company before doing the real stuff.

I first got some documentation about the cameras I had here available, some old Intellinet IP cameras 550550 and 550710. They have no mjpeg streaming, and images are accesible using a java or activex plugin. Luckily there's the possibility to use javascript to retreive the images and have a live image from the camera.