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These days news are plenty of articles discussing Apple vs Android. Apple fans sticks on their positions while newly arrived Android supporters throw articles and articles about Android supremacy over stagnant IOS evolution. I have my personal opinion regarding Apple/Android. That's a recent story that will explain my feelings.

Looking at SGS3 ROM's at XDA Developers, I noticed some screenshots that caught my attention - it was Paranoid Android, and it was showing some an attractive controls to replace the standard home/back/menu buttons.

It's some months I stopped seeing the list of my installed apps in Android Market. All apps are still listed in the web page, but the Market app just display that my apps will appear there as soon as I'll install some. I already installed many, and nothing there!

Googling around (some weeks ago) I found there were many users with the same problem, everyone adding their penny to identify the cause of that: using two devices with the same Google account (why not?!!), using modded ROMs (geeeeez!), installing this particular app...

In the last days I was in need to connect to the company network to do "some regulations" (... like Garrus ;) ), and my OpenVPN connection was not working. I tried from my HD2 and I had no problems, so I did my job from there (complaining about having the smaller screen), repromising to myself that as soon as possible I'll had to fix it. Today was time to do, but it was not so easy as I though.

The hardware is a Galaxy Tab 7 (GT-P1000), with a custom rom based on Cyanogen 7.1 (kernel, Mod version CyanogenMod-7.1.0-GalaxyTab-KANG bringing Android 2.3.7, thanks to Technomancer).

Yesterday I was reading PC World news, and I stumbled across this article:Apple vs Samsung

Apple to Samsung: Don't Make Thin or Rectangular Tablets or Smartphones

by Melania Pinola (read the article here)

I read it, and at first I though it was kind of a joke directed to Apple, until I realized it was true. I read it twice, 'coz I wasn't really sure about it, then I googled around to check the Apple "experts" declaration.

Today, after reading a while in the past days, I finally decided to flash on my Galaxy Tab 7 (P1000) a Cyanogen Mod 7 ROM. I decided for the new ROM to have a similar version as in my HD2 (Typhoon Cyanogen Mod 7), Cyanogen Mod 7that comes already rooted and highly customizable and (vary important) without all the Samsung Junk installed!

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